No. The HemAway Seat is designed specifically for haemorrhoid relief.

The HemAway Seat is designed specifically to help suffers of prolapsed internal haemorrhoids, which typically protrude outside of the rectum following a bowel movement or strenuous exercise. If you are unsure which type of haemorrhoid you have, check with your doctor. Actually there is 1-2-3-4 type of stages in Haemorrhoids and 3rd or 4th stage is very severe in pains and this HemAway seat is highly recommended to use for 3rd and 4th staged people.

Our unique seat design uses your own body’s weight along with gravity to allow the haemorrhoid to gently and naturally return to its normal internal position.

You use the seat after a bowel movement or any time painful haemorrhoids protrude from the rectal area.

The HemAway Seat is safe to use as often as you need it.Actually there is 1-2-3-4 type of stages in Haemorrhoids and 3rd or 4th stage is very severe in pains. If 3rd and 4th stage people follow 15151 routine (1 day 5 time , 1 time 5 minutes, 1 hours interval) and Haemorrhoids would be controlled in 2-3 months and 3rd-4th stage person can easily feel instant pain relief in max 5 min.

Yes. You use the HemAway Seat on any hard surface. The seat is portable, and perfect for travel.

No. When using the HemAway Seat, you must have direct skin-to-seat contact. So for proper positioning and use, no clothing, undergarments, or fabric of any type can be between you and the seat.

Yes highly recommended. The HemAway Seat allows the body to retract painful haemorrhoids naturally. It is a safe, patented, FDA-cleared, doctor recommended product. Because at the time of pregnancy she will not able to take related pills and can’t take any surgery.

The seat will provide relief the very first time you use it. Depending on the severity of your hemorrhoid, it might take up to a few minutes for the hemorrhoid to fully return to its natural, internal position.

The HemAway Seat is manufactured in the USA.

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